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If you can not find the souvenir on our website, please make an individual order

A few simple steps for ordering Matreshkas:

  • Choose the number of Matreshkas inside it (from 1 to 30 pcs.);
  • Select the size of Matreshka (you can specify the approximate height and shape, and we will find an option for you);
  • Clarify time of manufacturing;
  • Share with us your contacts (name, phone, email);
  • Clarify the address and time of delivery;
  • Select the painting style (you can find it on our website menu or described it in free manner);
  • Write how Matreshka should look like (colors, details, etc.);
  • Provide a photo that will be used for the manufacturing of Matreshka (applies only to portrait ones);
  • Send your application by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (manager will confirm your order by phone or email);
  • If possible, call us and clarify if you have received the order;
  • Wait for information about payment methods and delivery in the email;
  • We will contact you when the order will be ready.

For more information: +7 (921) 5864723